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Aims & Objectives

To work towards the upliftment and integrated development of the people in the area of operation, irrespective of caste, creed, sex, colour, community and religion.
To bring Social, Cultural and Financial upbringing of people
To undertake development activities in collaboration with Government both at the centre and the State so as to benefit the people in the area of operation.
To arrange programmes to make women self-reliant and to help them in finding self help jobs.
To find out and to encourage unconventional energy protection methods.
To search out and to encourage traditional form of farming.
To arrange intensive and detailed  training  programme for children in order to protect them from all types of abuse, exploitation and to give them the chance to grow up in loving families with a safe and secure future.
To promote dairying and milk procurement activities as an alternate income generation programme for the people.

To go into details of the current problems of the society and to give ample solutions for it.
To perform charitable works for those in need irrespective of the race, creed,                       community, sex, colour and religion.
To develop rural transport facilities through the construction of roads and canals.
To construct low cost buildings, rain water tank, latrine under Ferro-cement technology and biogas plant with the help of State and Central Government subsidy.
To conduct health orientation classes and to coordinate health protection programmes.
To undertake activities in the direction of water resources, management and strive for making drinking water available to  every  one in the area of operation.
To promote pissiculture and to strive towards promoting inland fisheries as applicable to various societies.
To find out the talented buds and to provide them enough encouragement and training.
To join with the framers in their farming related problems and to organize bio-farming, traditional farming, new services, storing and distribution of crops, training programmers and exhibition of crops.
To provide all kind of  protections  to consumers from adulteration, malpractices in measuring and all types of trade  malice’s  and to make them aware of consumer protection laws.

To find out the persons who are talented in folk arts and to give them proper guidance to nourish our land and to find out and to vitalize the arts which are slowly disappearing.
To prevent youth from all intoxicating evils such as panmasala, drugs and liquor by giving timely awareness and to initiate the ban for sale of such items by law.
To assist the government in their policies and planning by coordinating people through co-operative societies.
To join with voluntary associations, foreign-domestic agencies, government agencies and public service offices in development   programmes.
To arrange facilities and   programmes for mentally handicapped for their well-being.
To find out and to encourage those children who are good at studies and extracurricular activities.
To work for preserving the echo system and to find out and to encourage new methods initiated to preserve the ecology.
To bring attention and make awareness about the environmental issues like global warming, control and avoid of toxic chemicals, various types of pollutions etc and to work towards a green world.

To help and provide support for the marginalized families affected with HIV and to educate the people, implement preventive measures and improve the lives of the people affected with AIDS by providing care and support.
To work for providing free education for the poor and helping them to build a bright future for improving the standard life.
Working for a world where children are safe and secure. To create a world where ‘every child’ is free from all kinds of problems like child trafficking, child abuse, etc.
Career development programmes for children, schooling and support families with low income and self sustainable programs for parents.
To make people aware of the advantages of biogas and working towards promoting the use of natural resources to protect the nature for a long sustainable world.
To help people to preserve even the single drop of water by making water tanks and creating the awareness for storing the rain water.
To identify and protect biodiversity spots and of the state, conserve the ecosystem and minimize human interference.  Save the eco system, flora and fauna, species in the food chain, save and protect forests

To make awareness of global warming, control and avoid toxic  chemicals and encourage bio farming and  avoid genetic engineering.
Saving trees, mangroves, unsustainable aquaculture, help and manage fish & Shell fish farming, Shrimp, crab, prawn farming.
Reducing HIV transmission among poor and marginalized section of the community at high risk by targeted intervention, STD control and condom promotion.
Education, empowerment, outreach, preventive services and improving the lives of people with HIV and AIDS providing care and support services.
Developing  capacity for community based low cost care for people living with AIDS and establishing intersectional linkage between public, private and voluntary sectors.
To treat, recycle, reuse or  dispose waste, provide adequate knowledge and support for  waste management including electronic waste.

To engage social service activities aimed at improving the living conditions and general welfare of the poor, particularly farmers and other working class people.
To acquire by lease,mortgage,loan,gift,grant,legacy,bequest,exchange,right,privilege or otherwise from any person ,society ,government or institutions or anybody within the territorial limits of the Republic of India or outside, whatsoever, movable, and  immovable properties of all descriptions deemed necessary or useful for any  purpose of the society.
To construct buildings, hospitals  ,hostels, bungalows , go downs ,dispensaries, schools, or  any other type of structures or buildings whatsoever to further any purpose of ADS and to maintain, deal  with, manage, control, administer, develop, improve,  alter, repair, demolish, or reconstruct the same or any portion thereof.
To take or receive any gift whether money or property, movable or immovable, or donations whether incorporate or not.
To print, publish or exhibit journals, periodicals, books and other readings, and pictorial matter for the diffusion of useful information and knowledge and in keeping with the objectives of ADS.
To conduct researches, hold lectures, publish appropriate materials and  convene conferences  and conventions on a national or international  scale so as to either focus on the problems or issues relating to the society or an issue that fall in the objectives of ADS.

To enter into agreements and to execute and register deeds and documents and to do all acts and things for carting out of the objectives of ADS and do all other acts and things to or necessary to promote such activities.
To make, as well as change “Rules and Regulations” for the functioning of ADS.
To negotiate and to enter  into arrangements with any Government or authority at the Central, State, District, Municipal  or Panchayat level and with other institutions of academic and applied research or other public and private bodies that may be conductive for the promotion and accomplishment of ADS.
To use bio pest controls which provides safer treatments to control and eliminate all kinds of pests using environmentally friendly products.
 To promote using Information technology in Disaster Management , sensors, GPS and warning instruments for signaling and tracking natural disasters and helping the affected by rehabilitation and rebuilding