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ASWAS is a Non-Profitable society committed to promoting better health to human beings and protection of the environment and culture. As part of it Project, It focuses on developing language skills in individuals, with special emphasis on Communicative English to our effort to promote education.

Comprehensive Language Programme for Schools (CLP)

This is a curriculum-embedded spoken English enhancement programme that caters to the multiple intelligences of a differentiated classroom. The package contains 60 modules of differentiable activities and games.

The course covers the four skills of reading, listening, writing and speaking, as well as improving pronunciation and building vocabulary. Particular emphasis is placed on “SPEAKING”. The primary goal of the course is to enhance the ability to communicate according to the situation.

A school will be divided into different levels / segments- The corresponding course will vary according to the segment- in terms of grammar, vocabulary, conversations, listening and writing skills and activities. The course is customized to suit the requirements of the individuals. It is interactive, informative and based on well-researched concepts.


Toddlers: UKG and Class 1 & 2
Beginners: Class 3 and 4
Juniors: Class 5 and 6
Seniors: Class 7 and 8
Adults: Class 9 and 12

The following are the essentials of the programme:

  1. This programme is for the whole academic year (for three terms) i.e. from June to February.
  2. For the operation of the course, in each section/class of the school, two hours/periods per week should be assigned in the timetable for the programme.
  3. The number of teachers appointed for the programme will depend upon the strength of the students in the school. If the student-strength is up to 500, one teacher will be appointed.
  4. The minimum student strength required for the implementation of the programme is 400.
  5. The teacher appointed for the programme will be available in the school during the school hours
  6. The programme fee can be paid in three instalments.
  7. The first instalment should be paid within fifteen days (15) of the commencement of the programme


Here are some startling and thought provoking facts:

  1. Five out of ten people in the world know English.
  2. 75% of the world’s mail use English as their medium of expression.
  3. 60% of the world’s radio stations use English.
  4. 50% of the world’s scientific and technical Magazines/newspapers are in English.
  5. English is the medium of instruction in the technical, medical and law fields.
  6. English is the language of communication between the Union Government and the State Governments.
  7. English is the language of the High Court and the Supreme Court.
  8. English the only LINK language in India

Why Children Learn Faster with English Language Games

There is nothing that engages children more than teaching English through play. Indeed a bored class will take in less than half of what a teacher says and retain none of it. Whereas an attentive, interested and involved class, learning through fun English Language games, will take in 100% of the lesson and retain up to 80% of it. Using language games in class has got to be one of the most exciting ways to teach children English

How English Games Help Children Learn

There are many ways to teach English to children but one of the most exciting and rewarding ways to do it is by using games. Games not only engage the children, but also teach through play – and most of the time the children don’t even know they are learning until the time comes to show their knowledge! It truly is possible (and almost necessary) to create a classroom where the students not only learn but also truly enjoy their time there. Incorporating English games into the classroom can build interest in the class, put language in an interesting and meaningful context, give students a break from the pressures of learning a new language while giving the break a purpose, teach real world skills and, most importantly, build the student/teacher bond.

  • Building Interest in the Class
  • Friendly competition is also great to keep children interested
  • Putting Language in Useful and Meaningful Context
  • Giving Students a Break
  • Teaching Real World Skills


ASWAS is a leading Organization in the field of Communicative English in schools and colleges. Over a period of time, after having taught in over 500 schools, ASWAS has established itself as an experienced, trusted, reputed, reliable, successful and the most preferred institute in the field of Communicative English.

Today ASWAS stands at the top of the ladder in comparison to others in this field, solely due to the fact that we provide quality education to children in schools and colleges though our unique and interactive teaching techniques.

Our performance has been appreciated by all. This has been possible, because we have followed a tried and tested methodology. We have understood the art of teaching Communicative English and have evolved as experts in this profession